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Tips from DiabetesWise

Tips to keep sensors from falling off during activity:

Avoid putting a new CGM or pump site on right after a shower or swimming.

Make sure your skin is DRY and don't use creams or lotions where the CGM or pump site will go.

Wash the site with soap and water, then use rubbing alcohol (like an alcohol swab) to help the adhesive stick better.

Rub the tape around the site right after putting it on for 10-30 seconds to secure it and smooth out any wrinkles.

Make sure you are using the correct size and shape overlay patch for your devices. For example, if you use a Dexcom G7 CGM, use the overlay tape made for Dexcom G7, not Dexcom G6.

Consider using overlay tapes with a cutout or hole, as those without a cutout can trap sweat and might affect device accuracy during activity.

If you want to try a new overlay patch, you can ask the company for a free sample. Many CGM overlay patch companies will send a free patch to test before you buy a whole box.



Other Adhesive Products:

Sometimes, overlay tapes and device adhesives can cause skin irritations and make devices fall off too soon. Here is a list of products that can help protect your skin and keep your devices from falling off too soon:

  • SkinTac adhesive barrier wipes 
  • Flonase spray – can be used to help prevent allergic reactions on the skin 
  • No-Sting Skin-Prep 
  • Cavilon Barrier Film (to prevent allergic reactions) 
  • Mastisol and Detachol liquid adhesive and remover (also need cotton ball/gauze to help apply) 
  • Skin Grip: Adhesive Remover