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The Eversense sensor is implanted under the skin, so you can be discrete when needed. Having a sensor and Omnipod pump, you have good info for how to make dosing decisions.

*You will need an iPhone to use the Eversense sensor.

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Either call the phone number here to ask about getting started or fill out the form that is linked here to get started.


Mon-Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm EST

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Call Omnipod and ask them about your coverage. Talk to your Doctor to get a prescription.


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  • Longest lasting sensor
  • Sensor needs to be changed by your doctor
  • No tubing
  • Pods need more tape than other infusion sets
  • Active Lifestyle

  • Because the sensor is under your skin, it won't get dislodged if it gets bumped
  • Don't need to find a place for pump in active wear
  • Avoiding Highs and Lows

  • Only sensor that vibrates on your skin to alert for high or low blood sugars; alerts work even when smart phone isn't close by
  • Pods stay on when showering and swimming so there are no gaps in insulin delivery
  • Pumps allow different amounts of basal insulin at different times of day and very precise dosing
  • Easy to Use

  • Sensor transmitter must be charged every day
  • Sensor changes far less often than other types, but your doctor must do it
  • Fewer parts than tubed pumps
  • Easy Insulin Dosing

  • Can use sensor trends for dose adjustment
  • No interruption in insulin delivery (pods stay on when you shower and swim)
  • More customizable dosing than pens or syringes
  • Fewer Fingersticks

  • Daily fingersticks needed to calibrate sensor
  • Privacy

  • Ability to see sugar on watch or phone
  • Sensor not movable on body
  • Sensor requires regular meter use
  • Most hideable pump option
  • Requires visible controller to bolus
  • Wisdom

    Hear what others who use this device combo have to say

    Omnipod makes it very easy to have privacy with your diabetes. Eversense is placed in your arm which is not discreet - but you can take off the transmitter when you want although then you lose the function when its off. Not very helpful but at times nice for being discrete.

    I am a distance runner (multiple marathons under my belt so far) and it's so much less stressful to run with Eversense than Dexcom or Libre. I love the on-body alerts so I don't need to constantly watch my receiver and I struggle with sweating off devices despite using every trick in the book (skintac, tapes, etc), so while I need those in order to keep Eversense on while running, it's nice that if I fail and sweat it off, I don't lose anything and can put the transmitter right back on.

    Remote blousing is great with Omnipod. My mom used to give me my bolus from across the room for dinner.




    Transmitter (1 time purchase & Rechargeable)

    Glucose Testing Cost Estimate

    Startup Bridge Program $99.

    This is a trial program and there are eligibility requirements that should be considered prior.

    Eversense is covered by select insurers, including Cigna and Medicare.






    Insulin Dosing Cost Estimate

    Startup $5 to $1260 Monthly

    Omnipod is now covered by Medicare and Medicaid as well as most private insurers.

    Questions for your Doctor

    Can I try this before I commit to it?

    A lot of provider offices have sample devices you can touch and feel to get a sense of how they work. Some offices even have a trial device you can use for week to see how it works for you.