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Alerts to minimize lows and highs with the option to link to a pump later.

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Guardian Connect

Guardian Connect

Call Medtronic and ask them about how much it will cost with your insurance coverage. Talk to your Doctor to get a prescription.


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Syringe and Vial

Syringe and Vial

Understand your cost at your local pharmacy.



  • Medtronic sensors need more tape than other sensors
  • Have to carry syringes and insulin
  • Active Lifestyle

  • Sensor Connect feature allows someone else to keep an eye on your blood sugar from the sidelines
  • No way to adjust long acting insulin for higher activity on the fly
  • Avoiding Highs and Lows

  • Sensor can alert you to a low before it happens
  • Syringes and pens limit your ability to adjust insulin throughout the day
  • Easy to Use

  • Sensor transmitter is rechargeable
  • Most steps to change sensor
  • Many steps to figure out doses and deliver insulin every single time you need it
  • Easy Insulin Dosing

  • Can use sensor trends for dose adjustment
  • You have to do the math to figure out your dose
  • Fewer Fingersticks

  • Daily fingersticks needed to calibrate sensor
  • Privacy

  • Sensor requires regular meter use
  • Ability to see blood sugar on phone
  • Syringes are hideable when not in use but very visible when in use
  • Wisdom

    Hear what others who use this device combo have to say

    After 48 years, I still hate taking shots. There is still a micro-moment of anxiety before I inject. But, I prefer that to having the pump hanging off me with that tubing.

    I have certain locations that I have found to be comfortable.

    Just as easy as with any previous diabetes devices. I don't usually try to hide my devices, but the few times that I try to, I feel like I'm able to be discreet and not draw a lot of attention to myself.


    Guardian Connect

    Guardian Connect



    Glucose Testing Cost Estimate

    Startup $69 to $206

    Monthly $32 to $97

    These prices vary by Insurance. If you call Medtronic they will start a process to check exactly how much your costs will be. Generally Medtronic pumps and sensors are covered by private insurance and medicare. It may be covered under durable medical goods or a pharmacy benefit.

    Syringe and Vial

    Syringe and Vial

    Syringe ~$30 (Monthly)

    Insulin $5 to $500 (Monthly)

    Insulin Dosing Cost Estimate

    The total amount depends hugely on how much insulin you use and what your insurance covers.

    Questions for your Doctor

    Can I try this before I commit to it?

    A lot of provider offices have sample devices you can touch and feel to get a sense of how they work. Some offices even have a trial device you can use for week to see how it works for you.