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Omnipod is the only tubeless pump option. The Omnipod controller is also a glucose meter.

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Because there are so many options, and they don't have huge differences - the best thing to do is see what options your insurance companies will cover. The best way to find that out is through your doctor.


If you have specific wants with a meter - like connecting to your phone, or your pump - the best place to start would be to google your question.




Call Omnipod and ask them about your coverage. Talk to your Doctor to get a prescription.


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  • Have to carry meter supplies
  • No tubing
  • Pods need more tape than other infusion sets
  • Active Lifestyle

  • Must pause activity to check blood sugar
  • Optional settings for exercise to adjust treatment ranges for activity with the press of a button
  • Don't need to find a place for pump in active wear
  • Avoiding Highs and Lows

  • Meters don't give as much blood sugar data as sensors do
  • Pumps allow different amounts of basal insulin at different times of day and very precise dosing
  • Pods stay on when showering and swimming so there are no gaps in insulin delivery
  • Easy to Use

  • No info on blood sugar trends
  • Fewer parts than tubed pumps
  • Easy Insulin Dosing

  • No interruption in insulin delivery (pods stay on when you shower and swim)
  • More customizable dosing than pens or syringes
  • Fewer Fingersticks

  • Frequent fingersticks are unavoidable
  • Privacy

  • Most hideable pump option
  • Requires visible controller to bolus
  • Requires visible blood
  • Wisdom

    Hear what others who use this device combo have to say

    My numbers are better with tech than without, as long as my sites work and things stay connected.

    When exercising we can set temp basal rates to the Omnipod instead of having a snack. We use Hypafix tape to secure the pod. This prevents the pod from coming loose from its own adhesive pad.

    I’m not always sure what my blood sugar is. I do wish I could track it better without having to poke myself so much.




    Meter & Fingerpricker (1 time purchase)

    Strips & Supplies

    Glucose Testing Cost Estimate

    Startup $0 to $60

    Monthly $100

    There are lots of different meters out there. It's worth seeing which are covered by insurance - they will cover some of the cost of the strips. Often your doctor can give you a meter for free, worth asking.






    Insulin Dosing Cost Estimate

    Startup $5 to $1260 Monthly

    Omnipod is now covered by Medicare and Medicaid as well as most private insurers.

    Questions for your Doctor

    Can I try this before I commit to it?

    A lot of provider offices have sample devices you can touch and feel to get a sense of how they work. Some offices even have a trial device you can use for week to see how it works for you.