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What is Needed to Start


Small refillable inhaler contains a compartment for powdered insulin containing cartridges.


Cartridges come in three doses: 4, 8, and 12-unit doses. All color coded.

Watch and Learn

Introduction to Afrezza

How to Use Afrezza

Using Afrezza

Device Details

Affordability and Access

Widely covered. Price range; 0-$99/month, depending on insurance coverage. $35/month for medicare and commercial insurance plans. 

Data Monitoring Options

No Options

Data View Options

No Options

Duration and Storage

10 Days
Open cartridges last up to 10 days. Sealed cartridges may be stored in a refrigerator at 36°F - 46°F until the expiration date.

Vision / Auditory / Dexterity

NO text to speech
vibration alerts
of dexterity needed

Patient Considerations


Many components. Have to carry multiple cartridges that can be bulky. 

Active Lifestyle

Body free of devices. Does not remain attached to the body.

Avoiding Highs and Lows

Very short-acting. Absorbs quickly through the lungs to correct high blood sugar but requires attention to prevent lows. 

Easy to Use

Simple design. Whistle-like device for inhaling insulin.

Easy Insulin Dosing

Less precise. Dosing may be less precise due to inhaled method of dosing but color-coded cartridges make dosing easier. 

Fewer Fingersticks

Frequent finger-sticks are required. 


Hideable. Small, discreet, and portable device that's not as noticeable as injections.