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What is Needed to Start


Sensor uses a thin, flexible filament inserted just under the skin to measure glucose levels every 5-minutes. Push-button applicator allows sensor to be placed on the body in one step.


Conveniently access glucose readings using a reader, smartphone, or both. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Watch and Learn

Intro to Dexcom G7

How to Apply the Sensor

Using Dexcom G7

Device Details

Affordability and Access

No insurance coverage data. Provided by DME and/or Pharmacy. 

Data Monitoring Options

Automatically and continuously sends data to the user’s Dexcom Clarity web-based cloud which is accessible by clinicians. 

Data View Options

Users must download the Dexcom G7 and Dexcom Clarity apps to view and share data. Both apps provide multiple data views, sharing options, and access through the clinician portal using a code from the user's device. Caregivers can use the Dexcom Follow app to view data. 

Duration and Storage

10 Days
Sensors last 10 days. They are shipped 3 boxes at a time every 3 months – 9 sensors. Works at 50ºF – 108ºF

Vision / Auditory / Dexterity

YES text to speech
YES vibration alerts
3 sound sources
A LOT of dexterity needed

Patient Considerations


Low profile and low maintenance sensor application.

Active Lifestyle

Waterproof when submerged in 2.4 meters of water and must be within 20 (unobstructed) feet of the receiver or mobile device.  

Avoiding Highs and Lows

Custom alerts can be set for highs, lows, and rapidly rising or falling glucose levels. Trend arrows show the direction glucose is heading, with the rate of change. 

Easy to Use

No scanning required. Readings are sent directly to the mobile app every 5 minutes. 

Easy Insulin Dosing

Real-time data and alerts make dose adjustment easier.

Fewer Fingersticks

Factory-calibrated sensor. Finger sticks needed for backup only.


Quiet Mode (Vibrate). All system alerts will vibrate when this setting is enabled. Urgent Low Soon and technical alerts will sound if not acknowledged.