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What is Needed to Start


Sensor is inserted underneath the skin, either on the abdomen or arm. Push buttons applicator allows sensor to be placed on the body in one step.


Seashell-shaped with built-in Bluetooth capability that allows it to send glucose data directly to a smartphone every 5 minutes.


Trends and alerts are viewed directly on a mobile device. Available for both iOS and Android devices.

Watch and Learn

Intro to Guardian Connect

How to Apply the Sensor

Using the Guardian Connect

Device Details

Affordability and Access

Sometimes covered. The costs vary depending on individual insurance coverage and how insurance classifies CGMs. Price range $0-$600/month.

Data Monitoring Options

CGM data can be linked to a CareLink account and shared with the user's health care team. 

Data View Options

The Guardian Connect mobile app allows users to view glucose levels, trends, create customizable alerts, and share blood glucose data with family and friends. 

Duration and Storage

7 Days
Sensors last 7 days, and transmitter battery needs weekly charging and replacement once a year. Both can be stored between 36°F - 86°F.

Vision / Auditory / Dexterity

YES text to speech
vibration alerts
of dexterity needed

Patient Considerations


More tape is needed for Medtronic sensors.

Active Lifestyle

Waterproof transmitter when submerged in up to 2.5 meters of water for 30 minutes and must be within 20 feet of a connected mobile device.  

Avoiding Highs and Lows

Measures sensor glucose 24/7 and sends alerts when a high or low is detected. Trend arrows show the direction glucose is heading, with the rate of change. 

Easy to Use

Rechargeable sensor transmitter but has the most steps to change sensor.

Easy Insulin Dosing

Sensor trends can be used for dose adjustment.

Fewer Fingersticks

2 daily finger-sticks are needed to calibrate the sensor.


Somewhat discreet. Ability to see sugar on watch or phone. Sensor requires regular meter use.