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What is Needed to Start


Pods come with reservoirs and directions for application. They can be applied anywhere on the body that is comfortable.


Automatic applicator inserts sensor just under the surface of the skin and can be applied to many places on the body.


Smartphone receives CGM readings to automatically adjust basal insulin delivery via a tubeless pod. All insulin delivery can be fully controlled on the OmniPod app via a compatible Android smartphone.

Watch and Learn

Introducing Omnipod 5

Omnipod 5 Review

Using Omnipod and Dexcom

Device Details

Affordability and Access

Widely covered for insulin-dependent type 1 and 2. Supplies for Pump and Sensor provided by Pharmacy and/or DME suppliers. Projected price range; $5-$1260 to start and 0-$200/month.

Data Monitoring Options

Dexcom Clarity provides multiple data views and access through the CLARITY Clinician Portal Omnipod data can be accessed by clinicians on Diasend by Glooko.

Data View Options

Dexcom sensors permit remote monitoring. The Omnipod DISPLAY app displays real-time data for the patient. The Omnipod VIEW app allows family and friends to view data for up to 12 Omnipod users. (iPhone compatible only).

Duration and Storage

3-day pump 10-day sensor
Sensors last 10 days and transmitters last 90 and work at 50ºF – 108ºF. Pods can be used for up to 72 hrs and work from 41ºF – 104ºF.

Vision / Auditory / Dexterity

NO text to speech
YES vibration alerts
A LOT of dexterity needed

Patient Considerations


Low profile & no tubing. Low profile sensor and Omnipod has no tubing but may require more adhesive on the body than other pumps.

Active Lifestyle

Exercise mode and waterproof. Can manually increase target to 150 mg/dl and suspend insulin delivery during exercise. Fully waterproof, tubeless, and can be worn for most exercises. 

Avoiding Highs and Lows

Auto-basal feature adjusts insulin delivery every 5-minutes based on Dexcom CGM trends to maintain a target blood glucose between 110 mg/dl and 150 mg/dl. This system does not give auto-bolus correction. 

Easy to Use

Fewer components. Pod has fewer components to deal with than other pumps.

Easy Insulin Dosing

Automatically adjusts dosing. Sensor trends feed into Pods' customizable dose adjustments and there are no interruptions in insulin delivery. Basal and bolus in 0.05 increments. Extended bolus unavailable when using automated insulin delivery mode. 

Fewer Fingersticks

Factory-calibrated sensor. Fingersticks needed for backup only.


Discreet. Sensor allows for checking blood glucose on phone/smartwatch. Most discreet pump option with no visible controller required if using an Android smartphone.