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What is Needed to Start


Pods come with reservoirs and directions for application. They can be applied anywhere on the body that is comfortable.


Fill reservoir is enclosed with the Pod and used to manually fill the Pod with insulin.

Device Details

Affordability and Access

Widely covered for insulin-dependent 2. Supplies provided by DME or pharmacy. Price range; $33-$46/unit.

Data Monitoring Options

No Options

Data View Options

No Options

Duration and Storage

Patch can be worn for up to 72 hours and works in most temperatures (not for use in hot tubs, saunas, or freezing conditions). Does not require batteries or recharging.

Vision / Auditory / Dexterity

NO text to speech
NO vibration alerts
A LOT of dexterity needed

Patient Considerations


Free of tubing. Patches do not have tubing.

Active Lifestyle

Tubeless and waterproof pod. No way to adjust long-acting insulin for higher activity on the fly, but the device is tubeless and waterproof. 

Avoiding Highs and Lows

Limited customizability. System requires manual dose adjustment and limits the ability to adjust insulin levels throughout the day. 

Easy to Use

Simple with few steps. Patch is replaced every 72-hours with a fixed rate of continuous rapid-acting insulin. 

Easy Insulin Dosing

Modifiable. The pod is available in seven different pre-programmed daily rates, ranging between ten and 40 units a day.

Fewer Fingersticks

Frequent finger-sticks are required.


Hideable. Bulkier patch pump, but not as noticeable as injections.