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What are the trade-offs of using a meter and a pump? 
Diabetes is frustrating as is, but using a pump and meter helps to simplify just one part of it. 

How do you use your data?
Yes, there is a lot of data. It can be overwhelming. I use an app called "MyNetDiary Diabetes" to help track the information.

How do you respond to people when they comment on your devices?
I try to educate them and answer their questions if I can. There are so many misconceptions about diabetes and no two [people] are affected the same way by diabetes.

How do you make the devices comfortable on your body? 
My pump has a clip attached and I wear it on the waist band of my pants. If wearing a dress or if I want the pump to be invisible, I wear it in my bra. It's not as easy to bolus, but it does work.

What helps you trust your devices?
Technology can be frightening but also awesome! The best parts of technology are the little things it can do and the freedom it can bring... The pump has allowed me to have a small dose of insulin throughout the day- and if I did not have time for a meal, I'm okay. I can skip a meal without chaos. Trust comes after trying it and proving it can provide the insulin when needed. It does work.

How would you tell someone this is worth the money?
For me, it is worth the money. I have insurance coverage through my workplace. It does not cover expenses until I reach my deductible, so I pay over $2000 out of pocket each year. A meter and pump give a diabetic more freedom and, at the same time, provide more data to have better control.

What challenges do you have and how have you overcome them? 
I am a worrier! I have a to-go bag with extra pump supplies and syringes as back-up because I travel to work each day. Adding exercise to my day takes a little tweaking of the amount of insulin I need. I check my blood sugar two hours prior to exercise, adjust insulin accordingly, and then check again just prior to the activity. I do a temporary suspend on my pump while I'm exercising. I have had to replace my pump once unexpectedly and the company had a new one at my house within 24 hours. And I live in the middle of nowhere! They have good service. Life depends on it.