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Device Combo

Meter & Pump
Meter & Pump

Why did you choose a meter and pump? 

I chose the OmniPod because it was tube-free. It was not bulky. I felt like I had more freedom.

What are the trade-offs of using a meter and a pump? 

It alerts me when I’m running low on insulin. It also can go anywhere without being tangled.

Diabetes devices can produce a lot of information and numbers. How do you feel about this? What do you do with all the data?

I love that it gives you all this data! It gives you the option to look back at your numbers. You can see where you are running high or low. Also the doctors can look at your recent numbers and see where you stand as far as your A1C levels.

This is my OmniPod.
How do you respond to people when they notice or comment on your devices?

I don’t respond; I just ignore it because what I wear saves my life.

How do you make the devices comfortable on your body? 

I experiment with different areas on my body. See what works best or absorbs (the insulin) best without being so bothersome.

What helps you trust your devices?

I trust my body and can usually tell if I am high or low.

What would you tell someone considering this same combo? 

It gives you freedom. There are less supplies with the tubeless pump. It is quick, easy, painless - and it is linked to the pod, so you can deliver the insulin you need straight from the meter.

What challenges do you have and how have you overcome them? 

When it is winter time, I notice a lot of static which makes the pod fail, but you can place duct tape on it to help.