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Priorities & Concerns

Understanding Info No Concerns

Why did you choose a smart system? 

I went from a T-Slim to Loop because I was interested and eager to try a hybrid closed loop system and had zero interest in committing to the 670G. I miss my T-Slim every day; however, the control, specifically at night, is worth carrying the extra device.

What are the tradeoffs of using a smart system? 

Pros: Blood glucose control (especially overnight) and the ability to bolus from my phone (come on, FDA, get with the times).

Cons: Carrying an extra device (Riley link), inconsistency of Riley link, non-waterproof system, NO WARRANTY, carrying around a Medtronic brick, and getting pump supplies.

Diabetes devices can produce a lot of information and numbers. How do you feel about this? What do you do with all the data?

I love the Clarity reports that tell trends. They make it easier to think of what to change first. Don't really look at pump data since I can't upload my Medtronic pump.

This is my pump and Riley link.
How do you respond to people when they notice or comment on your devices?

I love interacting with friends and strangers about it. However, I am weary  about discussing them with patients if they are not tech savvy.

How do you make the devices comfortable on your body? 

My pump is big and bulky in my pocket, so I wouldn't call that comfortable. I don't like the belt clips unless I am running. I always use pockets for my pump.

What helps you trust your devices?

I have absolute confidence in Dexcom after wearing one for 12 years. Trusting a CGM helps when trying new things because you can then ALWAYS know your blood sugar while experimenting.

What would you tell someone considering this same combo? 

Any system will help make your life easier, but Loop helps make your life easier AND helps improve blood sugars almost instantly. Every pump is a commitment, but the automation from Loop makes it worth it to not have to worry about blood sugars!

What challenges do you have and how have you overcome them? 

I'm worried about my Riley link breaking. It is super finicky and isn't the simplest tool. I'm also worried about breaking the Medtronic pump or going swimming with it on without thinking. Overcoming damaging my pump is essentially me not being an idiot, but the Riley link comes down to patience. Go to the online community for help because they have fabulous tips for getting that stupid (yet brilliant) device to work in your favor.