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Why did you choose a smart system? 

I prefer the accuracy of Dexcom products. I also use Freestyle Libre, and have tried the Enlite that goes with the 630G. I prefer the Dexcom G5. I use an older Medtronic 522 so that I can use Loop and OpenAPS. I worry about keeping my devices connected and their ability to last. I am out of pocket. I also use Lantus or Tresiba to get better control.

What are the trade-offs of using a smart system? 

I sleep better without a tubed pump on, but I like a CGM. I have worn one for ten years. I like the alarms, and that my husband can see my numbers.

Diabetes devices can produce a lot of information and numbers. How do you feel about this? What do you do with all the data?

At times, I am frustrated with the numbers that I have. I wish that someone with knowledge could help me on days that I am overwhelmed. I still want to know what my BGs are, though, because that is the reality of the disease.

These are my devices.
How do you respond to people when they notice or comment on your devices?

I try to concisely educate them without overwhelming them with information. I tell them that I would happy to talk in more detail if they wish.

How do you make the devices comfortable on your body? 

I put my RileyLink and pump in a Tallygear case to clip on my belt loops. I use a SPIbelt for my phone. I also use a flip belt or hipS-sisters band. If it’s warm, I slip my pump and RileyLink in a snack bag before putting it in a band.

What helps you trust your devices?

I trust the technology because having to make all of these decisions is overwhelming and tiring. My numbers are better with tech than without, as long as my sites work and things stay connected.

What would you tell someone considering this same combo and deciding if it is worth the money? 

Definitely save up and invest in your health. I stopped coloring my hair for over a year to save up, and am very thrifty.

What challenges do you have and how have you overcome them? 

I carry a backup of insulin, syringes, meter, battery, battery packs, etc. I also carry my receiver on long days. SkinTac helps keep the Dexcom sensor on, but carry extra tape just in case.