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Device Combo

Sensor & Pump
Sensor & Pump

Priorities & Concerns

Easy to Use

Why did you choose to use a CGM and Pump?
It's a discreet combination that works well.

What are the trade-offs of using a CGM and a pump? 
Multiple controllers and devices to carry around.

How do you respond to people when they comment on your devices?
I make sure they don't notice. The last thing I need is someone telling me I can't have a cookie or piece of cake.

How do you make the devices comfortable on your body?
Both are patches and remain fairly comfortable.

What helps you trust your devices?
Using them for a while, you realize it is impossible for them to fail. Too many fail-safes.

What challenges do you have and how have you overcome them? 
CGM alarms can occur too often. Making sure settings are appropriate can be helpful. The biggest issue is making sure you have extra supplies when you travel.