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Less devices on body, please? Meters are the basic tools of diabetes care. And while it takes a little more effort to on your end to monitor, meters and test strips are affordable over the counter options. Inhalable insulin is absorbed into your blood stream through your lungs for quicker delivery and gives you the freedom to eliminate injections.

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Inhalable insulin acts fast and it's just what I need for a combination of on-the-go diabetes supplies and no devices on my body.

Test blood sugar several times a day and inject long and short acting insulin as needed.
Order inhalable insulin cartridges monthly from your participating pharmacy. Some insurance plans make it easy to re-order a 3-month supply online or over the phone. Check with your pharmacy to confirm frequency of refills.
4 Years
Order new pump. The warranty on insulin pumps typically ends after four years. This is when you can get a new version of your insulin pump or consider changing to a different brand.


Deseo poderlo seguir mejor sin tener que pincharme tanto.

Chad, 25

Meters (and their disposable test strips) are much less expensive than CGMs and can be found in almost any local drug store. Inhalable insulin is covered by most insurance plans, but sometimes requires pre-authorization from your provider.


Dealing with insurance is tough, but you can do it! Check out our How To Get It Guide to get the basics straight and understand what you'll need to get approved.


Ease of Supplies

You don't have to worry too much about running out of supplies. Most local pharmacies carry everything you need to manage your diabetes.

No Attached Devices

Some people feel that using a meter and injections are more convenient if they are very active or involved in highly physical activities, since you don't have anything attached to your body.


Manual Effort

This combo can require more frequent blood sugar tests, injections, and mathematical calculations.

Less Precise Dosing

This combo does not provide precise dosing and requires more guessing than an insulin pump or standard syringe/pen.