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The Medtronic 770G hybrid closed loop systems adjust your basal insulin levels up and down based on predicted glucose levels

  • 770G: MiniMed 700 series pump + Guardian Sensor 3

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Guardian Connect

Guardian Connect

Call Medtronic and ask them about how much it will cost with your insurance coverage. Talk to your Doctor to get a prescription.


Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Medtronic Website

Medtronic 630G/770G

Medtronic 630G/770G

Call Medtronic and ask them about your coverage. Talk to your Doctor to get a prescription.


Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Medtronic Website



  • Medtronic sensors need more tape than other sensors
  • No extra device to carry (no RileyLink)
  • Largest pump
  • Active Lifestyle

  • Can increase blood sugar target during activity
  • System responds to blood sugar changes during activity automatically
  • Pump is watertight
  • Avoiding Highs and Lows

  • System automatically increases or decreases insulin delivery to try to meet one of two fixed blood sugar targets
  • Automatic insulin delivery settings are not adjustable
  • Easy to Use

  • Software makes many dosing decisions for you
  • Can be difficult to keep automatic insulin dosing features working
  • Requires fewer parts than do-it-yourself systems
  • Easy Insulin Dosing

  • Automatically adjusts insulin to reach one of two preset targets
  • Will automatically revert to manual mode in certain situations
  • Fewer Fingersticks

  • Daily fingersticks needed to calibrate sensor
  • Privacy

  • System needs regular meter use
  • Pump has tubing
  • Alerts
  • Needs frequent attention
  • Wisdom

    Hear what others who use this device combo have to say

    "Love" is such an overused word...but I do like the freedom from injections and the accuracy of dosage that it gives me.

    It’s possible to be discrete, but I’m not one to really care about it. There’s no remote access so you do have to look at the pump directly.

    I really don't like having to wear two sites, but i love that my pump tailors my basal rate.


    Guardian Connect

    Guardian Connect



    Glucose Testing Cost Estimate

    Startup $69 to $206

    Monthly $32 to $97

    These prices vary by Insurance. If you call Medtronic they will start a process to check exactly how much your costs will be. Generally Medtronic pumps and sensors are covered by private insurance and medicare. It may be covered under durable medical goods or a pharmacy benefit.

    Medtronic 630G/770G

    Medtronic 630G/770G


    Insulin Cartridges

    Infusion Sets

    Insulin Dosing Cost Estimate

    Widely covered for insulin-dependent type 1 and type 2. Pump can be provided by pharmacy, DME, or directly through Medtronic Diabetes. Price range; $0-$8,574 to start and $0-$300/Month. Price range varies depending on insurance coverage.

    Questions for your Doctor

    How does a smart system work?

    Automated insulin delivery systems usually have three parts: a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), an insulin pump, and an algorithm, which is the brain. It makes many dosing decisions for you with less button pushing. The system senses your blood sugar level and adjusts insulin delivery automatically.