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Pumps & Pens

Utilizing Devices for Exercise

Pumps and smart pens are often designed with physical activity and exercise in mind. Many of these smart devices can track insulin on board (IOB) to prevent concerns like hypoglycemia or overlapping boluses. Many insulin pumps also have an "activity" or "exercise" mode built-in to increase your glucose target during exercise. Below we provide some information on how to utilize these systems. 

Tips for Activity with Pumps & Smart Pens:

Tandem Control IQ and Medtronic 670G/770G/780G pumps can be a good option for contact sports

  • May need to disconnect or remove the device
  • Can re-connect and give correction bolus if necessary

Omnipod 5 can be a good option for swimming (unique to other pumps) and other water-based sports

  • No tubing
  • Option to wear in the water and continue insulin delivery during swims

Tandem Mobi pump is new, small, and can be easily disconnected from body for sports

Smart insulin pens (e.g., InPen, NovoPen, Unity, Tempo, etc.) can be used for individuals on MDI to better track active insulin etc. particularly for exercise

Consider changing infusion sets more frequently (e.g., every 1-2 days if participating in contact sports and worried about issues with occlusions)

Types of infusion sets – some individuals may prefer using auto soft for contact sports

Injections can also be a good option for contact sports

  • Free from many devices being connected to the body
  • Some prefer fewer devices or less technology overall
  • May have less worry about devices falling off during activity

Automated Insulin Delivery Systems 

Many automated insulin delivery (AID) systems have activity or exercise features that can be activated during physical activity to reduce insulin delivery and change your target glucose value. Below, we show a table with the different physical activity changes you can achieve using the Tandem t:slim X2 with Control IQ, Omnipod 5, and Minimed 780G.