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Tips from DiabetesWise

Tips to keep sensors from falling off during activity:

Avoid putting new sensor or pump site on immediately after a shower or swimming

Make sure skin is DRY and avoid applying creams/lotions to area where sensor or pump site will be inserted

Consider washing the site (sensor or pump) with soap and water and apply rubbing alcohol (example: alcohol swab) to increase the likelihood of full-length wear time

Make sure to rub the tape around the site (sensor or pump) immediately after insertion for 10-30 seconds to secure and smooth out any wrinkles

Make sure you are ordering/purchasing the correct size and shape overlay patch for your devices (For example: If you wear a Dexcom G6 CGM, make sure the overlay tape you order is for Dexcom G6 and not for Dexcom G5)

Consider using overlay tapes that have a cutout/hole in them because those without a cutout/hole may cause issues because sweat can build up underneath the tape during activity and may impact accuracy of devices

If you want to simply test out whether you like a specific overlay patch, you can reach out to most CGM overlay patch companies and request a free sample (some companies will send a free overlay patch to test it out before ordering a whole box/bundle!)



Other Adhesive Products:

Sometimes, overlay tapes and the device adhesive can cause skin irritations and frustrations with wear time. Here is a list of products that can help protect your skin and prevent your adhesives from falling off too soon:

  • SkinTac adhesive barrier wipes 
  • Flonase spray – can be used to help prevent allergic reactions on the skin 
  • No-Sting Skin-Prep 
  • Cavilon Barrier Film (to prevent allergic reactions) 
  • Mastisol and Detachol liquid adhesive and remover (also need cotton ball/gauze to help apply) 
  • Skin Grip: Adhesive Remover